Horizon is producing extremely compact, lightweight, simple and cost-competitive PEM fuel cells that are suitable for many

specialty and mainstream applications, including portable power, aerospace and clean transportation solutions.


EdgetechSolar International Limited has been involved in environmental technologies since 1994. Through direct relationships

with manufacturers in China and Taiwan, we provide factory direct pricing on photovoltaic modules, solar hot water systems,

LED lighting and advanced Alternative Energy systems for environmentally responsible solutions for a better world tomorrow.


The sole purpose of United Nuclear Scientific Supplies, LLC  is to put the “fun” back into science.
Currently, both private and public schools (as well as other learning institutions) are removing chemicals & glassware from their chemistry labs,

electronic components from their engineering classes… along with many other important pieces of “hands-on” learning equipment.  In exchange,

they have students conduct  experiments on computer or simply read text instead of actually coming into contact with the equipment & materials they are learning about.

Most professors & teachers we have spoken with completely disagree with this concept.
It is our intention make these and other interesting/scientific related items once again available to the hobbyist, teacher, experimenter, and professional organizations.



Fueled by a multi-million dollar grant by the Department of Energy (ARPA-E), and additional funding through the Chesonis

Family Foundation, angel investment and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, FastCAP Systems seeks to transform the

automotive and grid storage markets by commercializing its novel and enabling high-power, high-energy and low-cost energy

storage device. FastCAP’s proprietary carbon nanotube electrode technology has enabled breakthrough performance improvement

in its cells when compared with commercially available ultracapacitors, a leap forward that could lead to dramatic reductions in

the cost of hybrid electric vehicles. And because FastCAP’s ultracapacitors are produced with abundant, eco-friendly raw materials

and have extremely long life cycles, the environmental benefits associated with widespread deployment of the technology are unlimited.



We deliver services to enable confident adoption and use of EVs.
We build and operate the infrastructure and systems to optimize energy access and use.
We work with ecosystem players to enable a compelling and integrated solution.


The world’s dependence on fossil fuels is one of our generation’s most pressing issues.  It’s contributing to a global environmental

crisis, threatening US national security, and triggering resource wars around the world.

Entrepreneurs have demonstrated their unique ability to improve the world in profound ways.  To respond to this urgent crisis,

the world needs a wave of entrepreneurs dreaming and building innovative new startups focused on the expansion of renewable energy and reduction of dirty energy.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves.  We love startups and care deeply about the global energy crisis.  We want to help accelerate this

new wave of entrepreneurship and innovation.  Launching a startup accelerator for cleantech is the perfect mix of what we love to do,

what we care deeply about, and what we’re good at.   Our goal is to help more than 500 cleantech startups launch more successfully over the next decade.


Open Source Ecology is a network of farmers, engineers, and supporters that for the last two years has been creating the Global Village Construction Set,

an open source, low-cost, high performance technological platform that allows for the easy, DIY fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines

that it takes to build a sustainable civilization with modern comforts. The GVCS lowers the barriers to entry into farming, building, and manufacturing

and can be seen as a life-size lego-like set of modular tools that can create entire economies, whether in rural Missouri, where the project was founded,

in urban redevelopment, or in the developing world.



Introducing a new piston steam engine design for stationary and marine applications that is extremely efficient, light-weight and economical



This steam engine is capable of putting out enough power to drive a 500-watt generator, depending on the pressure from your boiler. When the neighbors run out of gasoline and diesel fuel you will still have power from wood, trash, coal or whatever else is available.




Single Source renewable energy provider

We Provide our customers with many products and services to facilitate entry into the renewable energy market.

•Solar Project installations and management

•Sales and financing from installation through maintenance services

•Grant and funding applications

•Energy management and reporting services

•Demand Response registration,monitoring and management

Our unique operating model allows EC2 to provide more value in the market place by passing along to our customers the savings and efficiencies created by working as an end to end service provider.




Saab Automobile is taking its first step towards developing an all-electric vehicle with the Saab 9-3 ePower.

Making its public debut at the Paris Motor Show later this month, the Saab 9-3 ePower is the prototype for a test fleet of 70 vehicles which will participate inextensive field trials in Sweden next year.




The solar auto industry brings to mind sleek, futuristic cars humming silently down smooth highways, gleaming in the midday sun.
Yet that idyllic picture of a green auto industry may have some viable competition. One struggling solar startup thinks it has discovered a
cost-effective way to bring grid-independent solar thermal power to millions, all while boosting a desperate auto industry.


Solar thermal energy to tap Auto Industry

Here is yet another link the Oil companies are not going to want you to see.     Check this out…..  keep our hopes up.



Cold fusion power plant

Cold fusion power plant.    Not for consumer or home use,   but interesting to know this exists.


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