Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a forum for meaningful discussions to understand our dilemma, and come to some solutions and ideas on how we can come to terms of our societies direction, and work out grass roots solutions to these problems and solve them not by throwing a lot of corporation money into these problems, but work on a smaller “Grass roots” solutions affordable by anyone interested in changing these dangerous trends before it’s too late.

We need to do these steps in small manageable steps.A simple example will be to replace all of your light bulbs with energy saver ones but there are a lot of other small things, where each thing you do, Can get you closer to sustainability.Now might be the time to get to know your neighbors.

This site will be going through a series of changes starting from a number of discussion groups, some of which will be recommendations for changes to the site, and gradual additions as needed.

The idea is to address several issues of sustainability. They are..

Financial – in this section, we promote the idea of bartering. Its becoming evident that our financial system is destined for collapse. Can we be certain the almighty dollar is going to be valuable in the future, as bankers are now in control. Then, there is the Bitcoin, which is still undecided if this measure of value will be viable.

Food and Water – where will you find food when our transportation structure might fail. You are not going to be able to go to the store if they can’t stock up their food. Did you know that most of your food comes from sources thousands of miles away from you. A focus on obtaining food from local sources or growing and raising your own food is a must.

Transportation and Energy – We are already at “peak oil” where production is not meeting our demands. Can you say Fracking? A very controversial method of recovering oil, but people are saying its destroying our environment. Electric cars are one solution, but our infrastructure for keeping the cars charged, is severely lacking. We need charging stations at every truck stop, rest stop, shopping center and downtown areas where charging stations can double as parking meters.

Communications – we already have a vast network of communications, involving expensive satellites, cell phone towers, Internet providers… But can we really believe we can depend on them during or after some apocalypse or societal upheaval. We need to start thinking of developing wireless mesh networks using ham radio, or other medium range data networks of up to a few miles, a sort of local Internet serving a small area.

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